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The crash of put a merciful end to a short-lived stint in the financial world and he decided to make the plunge into the wine trade, beginning in retail in Washington, D.


In he moved to New York to work for a national importer, traveling across the country to represent the portfolio until , when Steve Tanzer asked him to join the International Wine Cellar. Ian has been writing and lecturing about food and wine for more than 25 years. A trained medical doctor, he is a frequent speaker in Italy and around the world not just on the subject of native grapes and wine, but specifically on health and wine. David Schildknecht, Editor. Davis Department of Viticulture and Enology. An avid and perpetual forager and home cook, his life in wine occasionally permits him to pursue his passions for music, history, and his infinitely tolerant wife of four decades.

Jason Wilson, Contributor. Jason is a celebrated wine, spirits and travel writer. Marzia Brumat — Founder. Marzia's interest in wine started at an early age. In , Marzia founded Vinous with Antonio and our core team. His prior experience includes investment banking and consulting with a focus on technology and product development. Cookie Notice We use cookies for analytics and to improve our site.

Tanzer, Editor in Chief Stephen was editor and publisher of the critically acclaimed bimonthly International Wine Cellar, an independent journal read by wine professionals and other wine lovers in all 50 states and 34 countries, and the first American wine periodical to be translated into French and Japanese. How does God's mission relate to unfolding history? How does God's mission relate to me?

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What is God's mission? Is God the "hound dog of heaven" searching for you and me? Is God the ultimate plaintiff filing a lawsuit against the world and all its sinners? Is God a lifeguard simply trying to save people from drowning? What is God doing? Is it possible even to know? If you're interested in this course, start reading the Gospel of John and notate all the times John uses the word witness. What do all the stories in Scripture have in common?

According to Martin Luther, every narrative in the Bible points to Christ. What is a narrative? What is a gospel narrative?

What is the gospel? Is the gospel itself a story? This course is designed to open students' eyes to discern the real meaning of a every Bible story with far more understanding and personal application. What does it really mean to be Jesus' disciple? How can anyone but God's Spirit make a disciple? This course offers advanced theological training on what it means to fulfill the Great Commission. Who is the Holy Spirit of Truth? Is that the same Holy Spirit that is sometimes called "the Holy Ghost?

Is God invisible? What does Truth have to do with the triune God? It's an entry-level course, yet such a practical course that it offers practical wisdom even for doctoral students whose reading assignments are heavy and overwhelming. Constructing good sentences is an art. Ernest Hemingway said, "All you have to do is write one true sentence. Write the truest sentence that you know. Nor is it easy to construct complete sentences. Who really even cares about sentences? Writing a sentence is not the same as echoing a cliche.

There is sentence craft and sentence pleasure to consider. And then there is reading. This course is for students who care about writing well. It's for rookie writers, veteran writers and academics alike.

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It's the study of Who He is, what He accomplished through His life, death, and bodily resurrection. Why did God--the divine Son of God--take on the lowliness and weakness of human nature? Why did God plan for Jesus Christ to die? What are the implications of Jesus rising from the dead in bodily form?

What does the Incarnation of God say to us about our human bodies? These are the types of questions posed by great theologians such as St. Anselm of the 12th century and St. Athanasius of the 4th century and which students in this course will grapple with. Students are rigorously trained to handle the Word of God rightly by submitting to the authority of what it says on its own terms.

Was Jesus a real rabbi in Israel, or is Jesus of Nazareth merely a religious icon in the Christian faith? Was Jesus a sinner?

The Qur’an Selections from Surah 3, "The Im’rans" 8 Dealing with Christianity

Did Jesus have a girlfriend or a lover? Is it true, as some scholars say, that Jesus only "became" the Christ after He became a legend? In this entry-level course students will encounter the Jesus in Scripture by reading the four Gospel accounts in the New Testament as well as parts of the book of Revelation. Students will be challenged in our post-Christian culture to consider for themselves if Jesus is worth following and even dying for.

In Scripture we see how Israel thrived and suffered depending on who was leading Israel's people. When Israel's leader was humble enough to listen to God's voice, things unfolded far better than when Israel's leader preferred to rule arbitrarily by his or her own discretion. It's a course that puts the spotlight, not on people, but rather on the marvel of God's good character and God's longing to help all people really live.

No nation has ever risen above its idea of God. Is God a being that takes on contradictory forms? How can God be triune? What is God like? Is God male? What comes into your mind when you try to think of God as Father?

In this course students will be guided to examine their relationship with Father God by looking at their own lives to see what their behavior reveals about their unspoken, embedded beliefs about God. The course sets students up to experience unprecedented breakthroughs and deep comfort and relief because it challenges them profoundly to repent from thinking untruthful things about God.

All students in every program are required to take it. What is knowledge? Is it possible to have knowledge in a culture that rejects human judgments and the belief in absolute truth?

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Is it possible to know the things that you believe as a Christian? What can a person truly know? Given all the mistakes in intellectual history, how can anyone be sure of knowing anything?