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The Union of Animal Industry Enterprises Autumn Forum attended by people was held the day before the official opening of the exhibition. Its participants discussed the issues vital for the industry, which included legislative changes under preparation, and peculiarities of work of animal hospitals. It was devoted to diagnosis and treatment of inflammatory bowel diseases of dogs and cats. Valta Pet Products certified business coaches held a session of Business Mafia interactive business game specially designed for pet shop salespeople.

During the game session, analysis was made of typical errors resulting in the decrease in sales, real case studies addressing claims were considered, and other topical issues of retail industry were discussed. Its program included workshops on grooming cats and dogs, expert consultations, and prize draws. Mobile Application. A mobile application for participants was for the first time used at ParkZoo It contained the necessary information about the exhibition: its program, list of exhibitors, and layout of pavilions. The participants could use the app to get acquainted with each other, to appoint a business meeting, to contact the organizing committee, and to get help.

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The app function of quick notification of current events and exhibition activities became very popular. New Products Showcase.

One more ParkZoo tradition is New Products Showcase representing the most innovative, significant, and interesting products that had appeared in the Russian market over the past year. This year the contest featured new products.

The participants could vote through a mobile app, where they could choose only one position in each category that they liked. The winner was determined by a simple majority of votes.

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In the winners are:. Kami Grandeen explores Now, with the gift of a Wenger extruder and auxiliary processing equipment from global animal health and nutrition company Alltech, those capabilities will be expanded even further Yea-Sacc is the only yeast culture designed for use in ruminant diets that has been awarded this certificate Alltech Headquarters.

Czech Republic. Artboard 1. Breadcrumb Home Animal Nutrition. We can help you with: Global and local supply chain Global and local quality assurance and traceability Product formulation Innovation and applications for product development Cooperative branding and market education through our Alltech Market Education Partner Program. Pet Products. If there are already other pets in the household, then many of the necessary supplies may already be there.

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However, if the new pet is a first, then check out what we have to offer to ensure your pet has everything it needs to be happy and comfortable in its new home. Cats are known as being very self-sufficient.


That may be so, but they still need a little help from their human companion. Important supplies to have on hand for a new kitty include the all-necessary litter box, which should be large enough to allow the cat to fit in completely and turn around with ease. When selecting from our selection of food and water bowls, look for ones that are wide yet shallow.

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Cats have whiskers that are highly sensitive, and narrow bowls can be uncomfortable to them. Cats are very curious creatures, so keeping them active helps keep them out of mischief. Although cats sleep anywhere they want, a round or oval pet bed is ideal for a cat. Be aware of laws governing outdoor cats in your community, and the cat should have a collar with identification tags on it, including information like address or phone number. Choose cat food that mimics what a cat would eat in the wild, such as chicken and fish, making sure that they have the nutrients that cats need.

Litters are easy to clean and maintain, especially with a sifting scoop. Cats with fleas can benefit from collars or sprays that kill fleas without harming them. It may come as a surprise, but Cats may need help maintaining their lustrous fur. Dogs and puppies are usually much more energetic than cats, and time outside is vital to a dog's health. Collars and leashes are a necessity unless a dog has its own space to run in. As with cats, ID tags are must-have items.

Determine how much food you need to feed your dog in a normal meal and choose appropriate food and water bowls.

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The food should have all the nutrients a growing puppy and dog needs in its diet. Like cats, dogs need toys to play with to keep them occupied.

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We have a complete line of squeaky toys and balls that can keep a dog's attention for hours. Chew toys made of rawhide not only occupy dogs but give them something to keep their minds off food. When training, it is sometimes necessary to confine dogs until they learn where they can go and not go in the home.