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I'm going to start clicker training with him next week. He's been doing very well with voice commands step up, step down, and poop but I want to move beyond that now. Alex July My husband and I are so excited about Alex. I just want to thank you so much for helping us get the ideal bird.

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You were so right about us waiting for the right bird. We are going to provide a great loving home for him. We have been doing research on how to care for him and have adapted our lifestyle for him. My husband and I have decided that it's healthy for us, too. We threw out all of our chemicals that we had in the house and other hazardous materials that are harmful to Alex and to us.

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And we are eating more and more fruits and veggies we always did but now are eating more. We just want to make it habit now before Alex comes home.

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It's so weird because if you hear us talk about Alex, you would think we are talking about a child. Shay and Rich are wonderful people.

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Thanks, again for all your help. Lisa C. Ecto July Ecto is doing great, he is getting lots of out of the cage time and attention. He is eating fine and playing with his string toy. He visits the other cages from time to time. The most earth shattering thing happened with him last night. He actually took 3 pieces of cookie from my hand AND ate them!

Wow was I shocked and ecstatic at the same time. Maybe, just maybe some day he will let me touch him. When I fed her some she bite my hands and licked up the juice and stuff. I keep feeding her lots of different things by hand. She loves that. She loves paper towels too. I had one in my hand when I fed her the melon and she looked like she wanted it. She took it and tore it up. She had so much fun! She likes the paper towel tube too! Yesterday I went to bird paradise and bought her a new perch for her cage and a rope hanger thing that has a ball at the end.

Its made of like palm fiber stuff. She liked that too. She loves to play on the corner of her cage under the bar.

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  • She will be happy here and I know I will love and care for her like a baby. Bird July Bird seems to be settling in well. On her cage she is almost always very gentle and likes to play with me. Rich said she is not fond of women and dogs. So far she seems interested in both LOL. As with everything I go slow and let Bird decides what she can do. She loves the play gym thing I have. I can see it may not last a long time. I made it out of Birch, Maple and Beech branches. She has already shown interest in chomping the birch. She likes to shake it to make the bells make noise.

    Like a little puppy.

    Benefit Concert

    Oh and besides some little squawks and mumbles she is pretty quiet. She is a very happy little bird. She still is shy about being handled but she does suprise me sometimes by flying to the floor from her cage and then walking to where I am. My daughter fell in love with her and is thinking about adopting a Grey of her own. She lives in the other half of the home. Take care and God bless. Patti S. Sunshine July Sunshine is doing great! She loves the girls. We had her out of the cage this morning and she stepped up very easily.

    We put her on the play area on the DR table while we had breakfast. My younger daughter also put the Enya cd on her iPod for her. She likes music! She is adjusting very well. Thanks, Sharon. Bluberry Pied July I thought I'd send along a couple of pictures of our little adoptee parakeet. I think you folks called him Pablo. They are getting along famously. Blue has actually been out of the cage to fly around several times He is still a bit skittish with us and still won't step onto our hands.

    Meg M. He loves my daughter Tiffany and my wife Jane. Put him back on top of the cage, he flew down on the floor and followed her to the kitchen. We love the way he just drop his head down, when he wants his head pet or scratch. He also ate a little piece of breads. He is very quiet not as loud as other birds.

    We loving having him. Thank you again. He is doing very well.

    here He is smart, friendly and enjoying life in Lumberton, NJ. They love all kinds of toys esp. They love to shred paper and are quite the chatterboxes. Thanks for our little buddies. IMDb More.

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