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New Way To Be Human

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For ecomodernists, technological and political progress also require respectful engagement with a diversity of voices and ideas. At their core, ecomodernists believe in applying the Enlightenment principles of skepticism and dissent, which are essential to wise and effective decisions, especially in relation to wickedly complex problems such as climate change.

Numerous social science studies demonstrate that in situations where groupthink is closely guarded and defended to the exclusion of dissenting voices, individuals and groups tend to make poorer decisions and think less productively. In contrast, exposure to dissent, even when such arguments may prove to be wrong, tends to broaden thinking, leading individuals to think in more open ways, in multiple directions, and in consideration of a greater diversity of options, recognizing flaws and weaknesses in positions.

To elaborate on these ideas, the Institute also publishes the Breakthrough Journal and produces the podcast series Breakthrough Dialogues. On the road to managing the many threats we face from climate change, grassroots activism and political reforms that hold the fossil fuel industry accountable are important, as is the quest for a more advanced arsenal of technological options and a reconsideration of our economic goals. But so too is investment in our capacity to learn, discuss, question, and disagree in ways that constructively engage with uncomfortable ideas Nisbet Unfortunately, most academics and journalists avoid challenging the powerful forms of groupthink that have derailed our efforts to combat climate change.

In this regard, attacks on those who question cherished assumptions have had a powerful chilling effect. We therefore depend on risk-taking intellectuals such as the ecomodernists to lead the way, identifying the flaws in conventional wisdom and offering alternative ways of thinking and talking about our shared future. Nisbet, M. Skeptical Inquirer, 42 6, Asafu-Adjaye, J. Blomqvist, S. Brand, et al. An Ecomodernist Manifesto. Barboza, T. California hit its climate goal early—but its biggest source of pollution keeps rising. The Los Angeles Times July Brulle, R.

The climate lobby: A sectoral analysis of lobbying spending on climate change in the USA, to Climatic Change: 1— Fahy, D.

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The ecomodernist: Journalists who are reimagining a sustainable future. Berglez, U. Olausson, and M. London: Peter Lang. Hulme, M. Guglielmi, G. Methane leaks from US gas fields dwarf government estimates. Nature — Nemeth, C. New York: Basic Books.

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Disruptive ideas: Public intellectuals and their arguments for action on climate change. Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Climate Change 5 6 : — Environmental advocacy in the Obama years: Assessing new strategies for political change. Vig and M. Washington, D. Nordhaus, T. How the left came to reject cheap energy for the poor.

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The Breakthrough July Shellenberger, R. Pielke, et al. Pinker, S. London, UK: Penguin Books. What if you quit accepting life as it is, and stop settling for so little? What if the world really can change?

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And what if that change begins with you? As you step beyond the enclosures of your life, you will see the hairpin curves that life throws your way as opportunities to go deeper into who you are and to experience your journey as proactive engagement with the Holy and the world. In the process, you will find that all of life is bundled and mixed together. Your appreciation of your belovedness and your resulting delight in life is not a personal treasure for you alone, but a gift in transforming and polishing the world.

In your oneness with others you will experience a new resonance in being human. The arc of your story — of all that has made you unique — will reveal spiritual truths about the Holy in your life, egging you on to discover how your stories connect to the stories of those you might least expect. You can experience this new way of being human by your willingness to do the work that transformation offers.

follow link The old way of clutching at life and accepting a compromised life will give way to a life marked by vibrancy, gratitude and authenticity about who you are. You will discover a new tenderness toward yourself, resulting in a renewed way of engaging with others and the world.