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Greensboro Jeans El Camino. Greensboro Jeans Indigo Wit. Greensboro Jeans Bright Stroke. Composed in verse, these narrative poems of moderate length averaging lines [4] were originally sung, or later recited, by minstrels or jongleurs. More than one hundred chansons de geste have survived in around three hundred manuscripts [5] that date from the 12th to the 15th century. Since the 19th century, much critical debate has centered on the origins of the chansons de geste , and particularly on explaining the length of time between the composition of the chansons and the actual historical events which they reference.

Three early theories of the origin of chansons de geste believe in the continued existence of epic material either as lyric poems, epic poems or prose narrations in these intervening two or three centuries. Subsequent criticism has vacillated between "traditionalists" chansons created as part of a popular tradition and "individualists" chansons created by a unique author , [15] but more recent historical research has done much to fill in gaps in the literary record and complicate the question of origins.

Critics have discovered manuscripts, texts and other traces of the legendary heroes, and further explored the continued existence of a Latin literary tradition c. Composed in Old French and apparently intended for oral performance by jongleurs , the chansons de geste narrate legendary incidents sometimes based on real events in the history of France during the eighth, ninth and tenth centuries, the age of Charles Martel , Charlemagne and Louis the Pious , with emphasis on their conflicts with the Moors and Saracens , and also disputes between kings and their vassals. The traditional subject matter of the chansons de geste became known as the Matter of France.

The subject matter of the chansons evolved over time, according to public taste. Alongside the great battles and scenes of historic prowess of the early chansons there began to appear other themes. Realistic elements money, urban scenes and elements from the new court culture female characters, the role of love began to appear. There is also an increasing dose of Eastern adventure, drawing on contemporary experiences in the Crusades ; in addition, one series of chansons retells the events of the First Crusade and the first years of the Kingdom of Jerusalem.

The conflicts of the 14th century Hundred Years' War brought a renewed epic spirit and nationalistic or propagandistic [22] fervor to some chansons de geste such as La Chanson de Hugues Capet. The poems contain an assortment of character types ; the repertoire of valiant hero, brave traitor, shifty or cowardly traitor, Saracen giant, beautiful Saracen princess, and so forth.

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As the genre matured, fantasy elements were introduced. Some of the characters that were devised by the poets in this manner include the fairy Oberon , who made his literary debut in Huon de Bordeaux ; and the magic horse Bayard , who first appears in Renaud de Montauban. The narrative structure of the chanson de geste has been compared to the one in the Nibelungenlied and in creole legends by Henri Wittmann [24] on the basis of common narreme structure as first developed in the work of Eugene Dorfman [25] and Jean-Pierre Tusseau [26]. Early chansons de geste were typically composed in ten-syllable lines grouped in assonanced meaning that the last stressed vowel is the same in each line throughout the stanza, but the last consonant differs from line to line stanzas called laisses.

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These stanzas are of variable length. An example from the Chanson de Roland illustrates the technique of the ten-syllable assonanced form.

The assonance in this stanza is on e :. Desuz un pin, delez un eglanter Un faldestoed i unt, fait tout d'or mer: La siet li reis ki dulce France tient. Blanche ad la barbe et tut flurit le chef, Gent ad le cors et le cuntenant fier. S'est kil demandet, ne l'estoet enseigner. Under a pine tree, by a rosebush, there is a throne made entirely of gold. There sits the king who rules sweet France; his beard is white, with a full head of hair.

He is noble in carriage, and proud of bearing. If anyone is looking for the King, he doesn't need to be pointed out. Later chansons were composed in monorhyme stanzas, in which the last syllable of each line rhymes fully throughout the stanza. Later chansons also tended to be composed using alexandrines twelve-syllable lines, instead of ten-syllable lines some early chansons , such as Girart de Vienne , were even adapted into a twelve-syllable version. The rhyme is on ie :. Or s'en fuit Corbarans tos les plains de Surie, N'enmaine que.

S'enporte Brohadas, fis Soudan de Persie; En l'estor l'avoit mort a l'espee forbie Li bons dus Godefrois a le chiere hardie Tres devant Anthioce ens en la prairie. So Corbaran escaped across the plains of Syria; He took only two kings in his company.