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A scholarly tome about the High Priest of Modern Jazz. Robin Kelley's masterfully told, rich tapestry of Monk's life is pure genius. A must-read for every jazz aficionado. Recommended by Adrienne C. Saxophonist and composer Charlie Parker is likely to remain the most important jazz musician ever! His influence was huge, yet his life was tragic, lasting only 34 years.

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Crouch brings Parker's biography and times to life. I enjoyed this so much! Sadly, the second volume, about Parker's years in New York, has yet to be published. Bird Lives! Captain Caledonia Styx returns in this Mad Max -esque futuristic celebration of sisterhood on the high seas! Fresh off a failed attempt to take out the man who killed her family, all Caledonia wants is to fight her way back to her crew.

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This joyous, thrilling series is not to be Hello, Login. Visit Our Stores. The Dinner Herman Koch [isbn] Like the cover foretells, The Dinner is a scorching story of two families entangled in a problem bigger than they can handle. The Hidden Girl and Other Stories Ken Liu [isbn] Ken Liu does it all in this collection: fantasy, hard science fiction, linked stories, standalone stories, great characters, tension, humor, plot. Giants in the Earth A Saga of the Prairie O E Rolvaag [isbn] One of the most overlooked classics, this novel is the gorgeous and harrowing story of the immigrant experience in America.

Junko Mizunos Hell Ladies Junko Mizuno [isbn] Junko Mizuno's art is all deliciously disturbing cuteness, transgression served with a heavy helping of sugar. Because Internet Gretchen McCulloch [isbn] It can be so easy to write off lol the constant advancements of technology and what they mean for our methods of communication. Shine of the Ever Claire Rudy Foster [isbn] Foster has done something here I've never seen in other fiction: they created stories in which I felt wholly seen and represented.

Cosmoknights Book One Hannah Templer [isbn] At first glance, this looks like just another fun sci-fi space adventure. Actress Anne Enright [isbn] I met my husband in a shabby production of Hamlet whose worn set pieces and mixed bag of actors could have been drawn directly from the provincial Irish theaters in Actress.

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Atlas of a Lost World: Travels in Ice Age America Craig Childs [isbn] Part travel narrative and part investigative journalism, Craig Childs explores and contemplates the two major questions about us humans: who we are and where we came from. Brute Emily Skaja [isbn] "Everyone if we're going to talk about love please we have to talk about violence," says the speaker of one of these sharply glittering poems, and everything in Brute seems to pace and snarl around this sentiment.

Abigail Magda Szabo [isbn] A novel that begins as a romp quickly turns into a wrenching drama. I Hope We Choose Love A Trans Girls Notes from the End of the World Kai Cheng Thom [isbn] Instead of focusing outward at the society that harms us, Kai Cheng Thom excavates the ways trans and queer folks reenact our traumas on each other and confronts the troublesome questions needed to forge a better path. Rusty Brown Chris Ware [isbn] Chris Ware has a way of depicting the somber lives most of us live with an aching beauty.

Braiding Sweetgrass: Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge and the Teachings of Plants Robin Wall Kimmerer [isbn] In this luminous and wise book, botanist Robin Wall Kimmerer Potawatomi Nation makes a lyrical and convincing case for reimagining our relationship to nature as mutually beneficial. Dollmaker Nina Allan [isbn] A beautiful, yet painful, read, The Dollmaker tells the story of two unique people trying to find their ways to each other. Dark Lord Clementine Sarah Jean Horwitz [isbn] Full of hilarious twists on classic fantasy tropes and a cast of delightfully roguish characters, this book is tons of villainous fun!

Jakarta Rodrigo Marquez Tizano, Thomas Bunstead [isbn] Rampant destitution, unchecked avarice, vermin ferrying sickness from one host to the next as mangy carrion canines scavenge the remains. Small Spaces Katherine Arden [isbn] A truly spooky and heartfelt story about old secrets, new friendships, and a class field trip gone awry. Die My Love Ariana Harwicz, Sarah Moses, Carolina Orloff [isbn] Harwicz's debut is an agitated nerve cluster of a novel that tangles old school psychological chills with a vicious strain of postpartum paranoia.

Criers War Nina Varela [isbn] The beginning of an epic new duology, Crier's War is the queer enemies-to-lovers YA fantasy we've all been waiting for, filled with court intrigue and lush, gorgeous writing.

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Tell Me Lies A Novel Carola Lovering [isbn] This addictive part coming-of-age, part romance, and part emotional thriller takes place in the background of seeing an ex at a wedding. Good Neighborhood A Novel Therese Anne Fowler [isbn] When the Whitman family moves into the quiet Oak Knoll neighborhood, they have finally achieved ultimate success: home, family, and happiness. We Are the Weather Saving the Planet Begins at Breakfast Jonathan Safran Foer [isbn] A thoughtful and urgent examination of climate change anxiety and how we can — and must — overcome it to take action.

Sons of Achilles Nabila Lovelace [isbn] In Sons of Achilles , Lovelace deals in inherited violence — that which is passed down from our families, our countries, our cultures, our lovers, our myths — a violence which threads itself through every facet of our lives. The Tradition Jericho Brown [isbn] I don't have words for how amazing this collection of poetry is, except to say that every word in it is a revelation.

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So You Want to Talk about Race Ijeoma Oluo [isbn] Oluo is an excellent guide through the explosive terrain of 21st-century race relations, providing clear explanations of the many ways American society is structured to empower white people, particularly men.

I Might Regret This: Essays, Drawings, Vulnerabilities, and Other Stuff Abbi Jacobson [isbn] Abbi Jacobson is well known for her hit show Broad City , but in this wonderful collection of essays she proves to be a powerful and emotional force as an author. Seas Samantha Hunt, Maggie Nelson [isbn] Samantha Hunt's amazing first novel, The Seas , has been out of print for several years; I am so happy that Tin House has republished it in this gorgeous new edition, so that a whole new group of readers can enjoy Hunt's graceful, brilliant prose. How to Catch a Mole: Wisdom From a Life Lived in Nature Marc Hamer [isbn] In this quiet, respectful, and inspiring tome, Hamer uses moles as a framework for his philosophy on nature and life, incorporating prose, poetry and even illustrations.

Fictional Film Club Mark Savage [isbn] This is a genre-bending novel featuring a narrator who attempts to review a series of movies that don't exist. Three Women Lisa Taddeo [isbn] A work of engrossing literary excellence that will disturb and entrance readers, Lisa Taddeo's Three Women is at its core about women's desire but is a painstaking achievement in nonfiction.

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