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Her watercolour paintings are usually inspired by memories, feelings, travel, small-scale beauty and nostalgia. In her paintings she aspires to capture a melancholic yet beautiful atmosphere inspired by the passing of time and moments.


It can be a feeling in my stomach when I see a boy throwing a paper airplane. I catch an idea and start to sketch it in my mind. After a day or a week, even a year, it combines with another feeling or experience and comes out on paper as a new painting. Eerola is a member of the Finnish Painters' Union. Her paintings and paper sculptures have been shown in various exhibitions in Finland and abroad. I like the magic moment, when the human being or the wild animal meets the mist, the rainbow or the aurora borealis. My art contains small glimpses of the nature. Every sunset and every moon are the worth of experience and good ideas to make a picture.

In my ceramic figures, paintings and graphic prints man solves his relationship with nature and he notice, how small he is in the front of the big nature. I like to sit on the rocks and look the seagulls and swallows playing in the horizon. I think it is nowadays even more important to stay in the nature, stop hurry and enjoy different sounds, shapes and lights there. The basis of my paintings is often an observation, an experience, a very common issue or a feeling. Landscape can be inspiring.


A small hint of a landscape is enough - a place in itself is already a piece of the world. And then the painting just carries with it, there will be new perspectives, new interpretations. I let the thought and the feeling to take over, happens something new, something unexpected. I paint what it feels like at the moment, not so much what something looks like.

When painting, you can live a moment in another world - that's enough.

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Only in this way can be found something essential and private, all important gets condensed, all the redundant is eliminated. What remains is an essential: These particular prints are based on photos from a journey in Japan, that was made possibly by a grant from Japan Foundation. They are part of a longer series of printing from this journey. Ligia Barros, visual artist search in painting the most artistic expression, also develops the poetic in other artistic languages.

His ability to capture the subtle nuances of character in both actors and landscapes defines his fresh visual style into his videos and photography. Pico brings a wealth of directorial and production experience to his jobs. His diverse experience includes directing music videos, TVcommercials, short films, and documentaries. He also works in television projects and in DVD production, besides his Art-photographer carrer.

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His experience as a producer and photographer gives him a solid understanding of the production process and further enhances his skill as a director; Fluent in English, Spanish, and Portuguese languages. During his career Gustavo has participated in numerous art exhibitions in galleries and art institutions, having his first solo exhibit in at MAM Modern Art Museum in Bahia.

Is very interested in Contemporary Art, visiting in Brazil and abroad exhibitions, cultural centers, festivals, fairs and museums as a way to improve their knowledge and production of hers works. The work of Gloria carries all your previous experience, as a psychologist, using the elements of the creative act as gestalt, imagination, emotion and the unconscious, having intense influence of the surrealist movement and Impressionist. Is guided by the legendary and mythological aspects, which makes it possible to question issues of your inner and outer world.

In this essay, Gloria Accioly celebrate through the photography, a veritable rite of passage. This rite is staged by the artist, through Transpositions, is a kind of middle way to use a valuable expression to Jungian psychology.

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This is the same archetypal phase of life to which Dante Alighiere refers in the verses of the Divine Comedy, in that once he had realized that was inside a dark jungle, needed to rediscover how to return the true way. This is a challenge that each one needs to do it in his way: As all puzzle already contains within it the seeds of its own solution, for Gloria, the photography acted as a means of symbolic expression, unveiling a new field of possibilities, actions, representations and poetic selfrepresentation of the world, in search of unexpected profiles in a metamorphoses rehearsal.

She possesses a very diverse repertoire in regards to the materials used for her three-dimensional designs. In search of ideas and inspiration with an eco-friendly artistic mind, she begins her work with the selection of recycled materials, and turns them in organic abstract forms; as in so that it can be environmentally sustainable. Marlene utilizes her creative ability and artistic mindset to transform disposable materials in art. Luciana Severo works are colorful, rich in poetry, with strong and attractive traits. Hers creations are playful and flow of your imagination.

Bring life, love, light, color, joy and energy to a space with intimate decor and neutral colors. Her palette is not restricted to a few tones. Yellow, blue, red, green, black and purple are united in the search for the best form of expression or translation of emotions and conflicts common to each of us. For these photos, I used materials such as gourds and old mattresses from the house where I grew up, to create anomalies in my body. Hence the title of the work, indigestible, says much more than a imagetic troublesome, but the folly of life.

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The old mattresses had a huge emotional importance for the photos, mattressesess I slept throughout my childhood and youth, are now parked, unused, as if my marks also remained there, dead. But through the art, they cross my path again, and reborn differently. The marks revealed by these mattresses are extremely intimate to my body, they reveal the unconscious way of being there for years, dreaming or not. And then I get that loss and gain feeling back again, but also the feeling of having lived so many moments there in my space of insecurity, security, distant thoughts, endless plans and pure imagination.

However, over time and with the changes along my life, the feeling of uncertainty and insecurity, not only personal, but regarding others and the world as well, grows increasingly. The insecurity of the body itself, its fragility and its finitude, creates an anguish brought by this essay.

Insecurity of being what you are and what you appear to be, just like in our society. The gourds help to affirm the finitude of life, they are the fruit of trees that have no use, dead they become free objects. Therefore, they were essential to the creation of this essay, representing that death was there, helping another life that one day will also reach its destination, helping to create new images that reflect human feelings, helping to personify the folly of life. Thus, I believe this essay brings out feelings, purely, revealed in a personal way, in which I use photography to awaken these feelings in the viewers, feelings often forgotten and embittered inside each one, I call attention to this, to being an opening for anyone who sees these pictures, an opening in which there is no loss or gain, but liberation.

I am passionate about the woods with all its beings, processes and relationships, source of all my inspiration and commitment. By creating sculptures with terracotta, charred trunks, photographing birds or spending this forest's remains in the urban context through fragments of wood's laminates the found in the garbage of the furniture industry. Process of fragmenting matter and time creating poetic units as witnesses of our presence and of this planet Earth.

Reminiscences given to the look. Brazilian colonial windows in architectural approaches and, at the same time, encompassing strong psychological messages. Walking through various focuses, utilizing both technical and pictorial knowledge, learned through the study and practice of art, Malu reaffirms her preference for figurative art, changing her regular view by creating a series of works in which she pictures the landscapes of Rio de Janeiro. With firm and contemporary drawings, strong and harmonic colors, she represents the shape of the mountains that surround the Guanabara Bay over hot and sunny backgrounds.

By doing so, Malu makes a tribute to her homeland, the "Marvelous City", in unforgettable scenes of sunrise and sunset. Taken as 'fragments', the works in their entirety, reveal the search for a possible equalization between opposing forces resulting in a 'structured time' presented as an 'unstable equilibrium'. The code that accompanies the title of the works suggests 'positioning' in the structure of something larger, something that I call 'Deonomo'. The concept of Deonomo refers to the process of 'world view', the very process of artistic creation, a world in eternal fluency, discovery, research and construction which will end up as unfinished work.

Fragment as perceived, the work, and an integral part of designing DEONOMO, now also part of the construction of other 'worlds', those of the observers themselves, and with it, the relationship is established communication. My production has always been geared more to the sculpture which seek improve my work with new techniques and new ways every day.

At the same time I have always done my paintings, my painting is now focused almost entirely to oil painting, digital painting and pastel painting. My studies were always facing a figurative art Hyper academic realism sometimes total abstraction in painting always look for colors that can produce more "emotions" the viewer, sometimes with pastel colors, sometimes with strong and warm colors, as the contrasts let them define the forms, as always works are representations of a very singular vision.

Seek essentially portray the beautiful, harmonious, with a view of the spectator who sees the world through a window seek what gives us pleasure, as to the means and techniques They are there to serve us. Encantado com a arte, nunca mais a deixei! She works plastically on three-dimensional compositions with issues relating to the animal kingdom, realized by its diversity of shapes and characteristics. She uses a variety of materials to represent them, including her unique printmakings. Her creative process begins carefully through the selectivity of ideas that emerge through several drawings, which organize themselves into the threedimensional compositions.

The line-up of empty spaces alternate plans are the building blocks of these figurations, which are set in dynamic volumes, full of compositional elements from architectural spaces. What matters it is the invention, a figure that has both realism and inventive features. Utiliza diversos materiais para representar suas formas, inclusive por meio de gravuras. Nelma Camargo is a Brazilian artist whose works are marked by a transition between fantasy and reality, a combination of representative, abstract, unreal and the unconscious, showing off touches of surrealism and baroque.

Her work is characterized by fantastic beings, invented landscapes and worlds, with an accumulation of objects, ornaments and nature elements. She uses acrylic paint, oil and watercolor, on canvas, wood and paper, but some of their works are made by means of computer graphics and then hand-worked again. Since , she is living and working in Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil.

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She really came into the Art world when she opened a store of indigenous objects, and started to contemplate the pieces exhibited on the shelves. At the time, her great sensitivity gave her the possibility to assimilate the cultural value contained in each object of the ethnic groups represented there. On her work, she is outstanding some elements, such as masks, headdress, rattles, potteries, from which she is trying to show the true meaning and beauty, to put in value South America indigenous peoples essence. She is shaping the forms she got together and transforms them, to enrich them with a touch of contemporaneity.

With her paintings, she is trying to immortalize the cultural magnitude of those ethnic groups and to celebrate the indigenous art. In this sense we beat a retreat, towards the flask of the reserves, of the relics: And in order to enrich our life-giving experience, we journey and dive around the sources of our own instinctive reactions, our values and meanings, our protective module.

We then set course towards living in the company of the reserve of our roots, with the daily life that home making itself proposes: Seek the warp and mount the weft Recover the cloth. Mary of the calloused hands on which the imprint of M - from Mother - brings the indelible seal of the role of Woman.